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SOS+ puck
The development of both hardware and software for SOS+ pager system. This year, the puck has been upgraded with new discrete RF solution since the RF module that was used, went out of production after 17 years. This provides new user options with the puck
SOS+ terminal
Here, too, we have developed both hardware and software for the terminal, used to call SOS+ pucks. It uses the same up to date RF technology that that the puck has been equipped with. The terminal is also available in a 3 digit variant, but still on the same hardware platform where the software selfdetects whether it is a 2 or 3 digit terminal. Range is about 100m outdoors and approximately 30-40-meter indoor depending on building materials.
SOS+ repeater
It is also both hardware and software we have developed. The repeater extends SOS+ terminal range. In principle there is no limit to the number of repeaters, just a repeater only receives messages from max. 8 other repeaters directly. The repeateris  using the same RF technology as the other SOS+ devices. This repeater platform is also used as USB, RS-485 and RS-232 interfaces for SOS+ system so that pucks can be called from eg PCs, tablets and POS systems.
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